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Occupy Protesters Motivation Envy

Occupy Protesters Motivation Envy

Date: 2011-10-18, 12:58PM PDT
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The shaggy soldiers of Occupy Wall Street have ignited simpatico protests in 900 cities four weeks after it began as an illegal sleepover in a privately owned park near Wall Street. Now the occupy protester people can have some say in the horrific buisiness only bailouts for the rich get richers just in the thinking that is going to keep capitalism getting stronger are upset and complain about the fact that they the people complaining are the forgotten people in the trenches who don;t also get the same big bailouts by the us government to make them happy like the buisinesses seem to be touting fakely also .

But what is it, really, that unites these unwashed and miffed masses? Envy. The Occupiers OWS is a fitting label for them, for they profess to be in great pain want government to not be shocked when people complain about the shitty plight of the middle classes and poor working classes in this country having to bow down to the rich bitches rich get richer mentality that Bush had on this country for 8 years to handled the same or better that the rich bitches got handled so eloquently under Bush and his rich get richer world for 8 years before Obama got there.

Take on too much college debt? Government should forgive that just like the Government Bailed out the Auto Industry and the Banking Industry and the Real Estate Industry yet forgot to Bail out the people first. Fall behind in payments on a home you were reckless to buy in the first place? Just like Banks bought up this country from under the masses so too should the people get to do that too and not be told off about it. Force the banks to wipe out the loans because the government bailed them out of their over spending so what makes the people not be bailed out also ! Waste time getting a Ph.D in 17th century Russian literature in an economy that needs engineers? So what the Banks were greedy with stupid investments and stupid ideas also so why whouldnt the people also be calling for Cap on professional salaries!

Envy is a two way street not just one sided like the bailouts did. Obama rushed to Bail out Banks and Automobile industrys and such to get people to also get bailed out too and not just the banks.. Whats so un American about the banks only getting the sentiment of the self-pitying, why shouldnt the people get some pitty too the self-banks shouldnt just be only entitled and the self-serving .

In our bones, we Americans -- the real "Americans" these indolent, bongo-playing hangerson purport to represent -- don't resent Banks and Automobile companys big buisinesses successes when they get bailed out by our tax paying dollars but why shouldnt we also the people in the trenches the working classes and middle classes that are the backbone of America also be inspired by bailouts for the people not just buisinesses, because we have were told that the American belief was that with hard work we, too, can acheive and attain success with things not just buisinesses ofwhat the rich only for 8 years under Bushes rich get richer have attained.


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