Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shhh - Don't Tell My Husband

Trailer for Sale - $40 less than husband wants for it - TODAY ONLY!
My husband has been posting his trailer for sale for about 2 weeks for $125.I want it gone - BADLY!!!
Here's the deal - if you come here before he gets home tonight - around 6:30, I WILL SELL IT FOR $40 LESS THAN HE IS!!!!
I will sell you the trailer, which is a Toyota truck bed welded strongly onto a trailer, with 5-prong universal hitch (working tail-lights).
Email for directions, sorry I don't have a picture!

Here's a response I found:
No need to reply. You are completely mad! I love it. Fantastic. I wish more folks on craigslist had your sense of humor. Your ad is legend. It should go on the "best of craigslist" site! I hope y'all sell the trailer.

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