Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are Sexual Orientation Labels Required on Craigslist Now?

If it's not a requirement, then these two must be having a personal spat about the dog! These are two separate posts listed on Craigslist, I'm guessing they are neighbors!

Lesbians need fencing so their dog can run free

Me and my partner just moved to Welches and we have a little dog that needs a fenced yard. There is approx 50 feet we need to fence. I know there are kind people out here that enjoy helping those in need. I am one of those people when I have the resources. At this time we are hard pressed to come up with extra money to buy fencing. Poor little Emma is not allowed outside much because she runs everywhere. Please help if you can. I can barter my services if interested. I work with energies and can help you clean your aura and get rid of physical, emotional and mental pains. Thank you for your time.

Hetrosexual Looking For Fencing Material

Me (male) and my girlfriend (female) would like some free fencing so that our neighbors dog will quit coming into our back yard and pooping on our lawn.

Very interesting, I wonder if anyone dares to get in the middle of this one!?!

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