Saturday, August 4, 2007

Picking Fruit Makes Cats Happy

Do you have trees or bushes full of fruit or vegetables? I would love to help you to unburden those poor plants! Just think of an apple tree or lettuce plant working so hard all year to get ready for harvest season, and now there is just too much for you to use! If you give some of the fruit or vegetables to my mother and me, your plants will be so happy! Yes, indeedy, the lovely darling plants will feel USEFUL if you pick their treasures! Perhaps, (like my cats when THEY are happy), if you let me help you pick your fruit and veggies that you won't be able to use, your plants will feel so content that they will purr??? WOW! Wouldn't you LOVE to hear that??? In fact, did you know that the month of August has been officially designated as: "Be Kind to Fruit Trees, Fruit Bushes and Vegetable Plants Month" ? ---------- We are all OBLIGATED to take pity on them and pick their offerings!

Yes, people. If you want to make your plants feel useful, you need someone to pick their fruits! It makes her feel happy, it makes her cats feel happy.

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