Sunday, July 8, 2007

Needing a White Trash Washboard Band

Do you have a band that plays jug, washboard, saw, kettle string, spoons, juice harp, etc? If so, we're looking to hire you for our upcoming White Trash Wine Tasting Party. Pay is cheap, (all the recyclables you can carry) but there'll be lots of good "white trash" food and drinks. If you behave yourselves we may even let you stay for midnight croquet.

Interesting way of hiring someone, insult them by calling them "white trash" offer them your garbage, and expect them to entertain you! How about this, I'll show up with a few pots and pans, get a few little kids to bang on them for a bit while singing the theme song to Beverly Hillbillies! You can recycle your own garbage, and none of us will behave - leaving you to play midnight croquet with your "white trash" wino friends!

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